Parfum de primavara

De cum am deschis usa la gradina, mi-a navalit soarele in casa, m-a invaluit un aer cald si placut de tot- e cea mai calda zi de pâna acum, mi se pare- si mai ales, m-a ametit un parfum de nedescris, de la florile de cais care in sfarsit s-au deschis. Si nici nu-s toate,nici pe jumatate.Când va fi copacul plin de flori cred ca voi innebuni de placere si voi sta numai sub el ,imi voi duce plapuma sa dorm acolo. E o senzatie de incântare atât de mare, ca incepi sa vorbesti singur de atâta frumusete si mireasma coplesitoare.


 EN:   From the moment I opened the door to the garden, the sun rushed into my house,a very pleasant and warm air covered me and I got carried away  by the underscribeable scent of the apricot flowers that finally opened. And it is not even all of them, not even half.When the tree will be covered in flowers I think I will get crazy enough to carry my quilt and pillow outside and sleep under :D. It is so enchanting that you start talking by yourself,overwhelmed by all this beauty and scent.

Piersicul nu e atat de parfumat,dar ma ameteste in schimb cu rozul lui puternic.


EN :The Peach tree is not that scented,but it delightes me with its strong pink.

Bine e sa fii bondar, sa stai cu nasul in floare zi intreaga, ca doar ce alta treaba ai.


EN : It’s good to be a bumble bee, having the nose in flowers all day long, what else is there to do.

Pâna si un jupân soarece s-a aventurat afara din cotlonul lui, e prea de tot sa stea ascuns in asa zi.Cred c-a venit si el pe urmele de parfum, ca nu se mai dadea dus, facea ce facea si tot la noi se intorcea,desi gonit de copii la vecin de vreo câteva ori.


EN : Even a small mouse came out of its shelter,it is too beautiful outside to stay hidden inside. He must have followed the traces of scent,since it didn’t seem to wanna leave, it kept coming back although chased away by the children,to the neighbour’s, a few times.

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